Which Celebrity Has The Best Wings Recipe? | Tasty

Which Celebrity Has The Best Wings Recipe? | Tasty

hey everyone it is jessie from the tasty team and today I’m testing up five famous celebrity chicken wing recipes to see which one is actually the best on taste line up I have recipes from Gordon Ramsay John Legend Emeril Lagasse Martha Stewart and football champion Joe Montana I might found all the ingredients exactly as the recipes are stated and I got three friends to taste him in a blind cases so was this chicken wing recipe let’s find out first up is Gordon Ramsay he does this fancy technique called a lollipop egg which she takes drumettes and he kind of pushes the meat up towards the top so you get this nice clean bone that you can pick up when you’re eating and your fingers don’t get all messy so do that toll them send my side and in a pan combine honey olive oil free space which is a type of hot chilli paste in both lima zest and juice and cook that up and took it’s nice and thick then with those lollipop drumettes season them up with olive oil salt and pepper toss them together and scatter them on a parchment lined sheet tray pop those in the oven and while those are cooking you’re gonna make your own dipping sauce combined yogurt cilantro lime zest garlic lime juice and a bit of salt and mix that all together set that aside and bring back your cooked wings take the prepared sauce and brush them all over the wings flipping them once so you can brush them on all sides pop them back into the oven and this is just so they get nice and sticky and the sauce has time to thicken up plate those up and garnish with toasted sesame seeds and sliced scallions and serve them with prepared dipping sauce and there you have it Gordon Ramsay’s fancy chicken wings oh right I like the sesame seed detail that’s kind of cool into that your skin is not stripper oily they didn’t need to be sesame on that that’s just pretentious or something it’s sweet and then this is like a little bit savory I really like the dip it’s like wait and zesty like there’s really no taste of the chicken but the sour cream and onion dips grape it’s really delicious the wing is juicy which is nice the sesame seeds definitely like that and it’s a really pretty presentation normally I have never eaten a wing with less seats on it before but it’s good I like it up next is John Legend he starts the day before by making a brine with water seasoned salt cayenne pepper garlic powder and mix that all together and adding wings to it he lets this brine for 4 to 24 hours before he gets started on the wings while that’s happening a large bowl combine melted butter hot sauce and honey mix that all up until thick sauce forms this is what you’ll toss the wings in later the next side combine flour kind pepper and seasoned salt this is what we’re gonna toss the wings in bring back your brined wings toss them in the flour and put them on a sheet tray have a Dutch oven filled with canola oil and heat it up until 360 degrees you’re gonna fry the wings in small batches for about 13 minutes until they’re golden and cooked through draining them on a paper towel lined plate each time a large bowl toss the wings with the prepared hot sauce until they’re nice and coated and there you have it John Legend’s crispy fried chicken wings with spicy honey butter whoa RA it looks crisp no sauce I never picked this one when I get wings I only want drumsticks if I made chicken wings I would want it to look like this hmm little good I like this one there’s a kick to it but it’s also sweet it’s so good my god this one is a little bit on the sweeter side too you can feel like a little tiny kick but is nothing too crazy I still think I need a sauce but overall I really do like this way I jelly honey on it I think I’m like a regular circular hot dog it’s really like tender which I like the crust is a little crunchy it’s like sweet with a kick I really like it up next is Emeril Lagasse he starts by making his own blue cheese dipping sauce by combining blue cheese sour cream mayonnaise butter milk fresh lemon juice minced garlic salt and pepper and mixing that all up we’re going to set that aside and we’re gonna serve that with the wings later next Emma makes his own hot sauce by combining hot sauce with apple cider vinegar and sugar keep it up and we’re slowly going to add some softened butter using a hand mixer just to make sure it almost lies we do this in a few steps just to make sure we’re not overloading with butter step this aside when it comes time to make the actual wings combine flour salt pepper and cayenne and mix it all together bring in some wings and we’re gonna put these in ziplock baggies with the flour and shake it all up just to make sure they’re nice and evenly coated his recipe says to shake it all up in a bag but we had to use two just because there’s enough wings to fit in to dump these out onto a sheet tray and let it dry for about an hour once those are dried fry those in a large cast iron pot filled with oil at 350 degrees in batches until they’re nice and golden this takes about 10 to 13 minutes per batch take those wings and toss them in the hot sauce you prepared earlier just so they’re nice and evenly coated serve these with celery carrots and the prepared blue cheese dipping sauce and emeralds wings are done whoo all right this looks like a Pizza Hut wing and it’s good and that’s a good thing see this is the kind of wing that I’m used to getting at the restaurants I always like when the wings come with the the carrots and celery even though I don’t eat it at all I hope you cheat my favorite pretty standard pretty regular it’s good I’m not super crazy about it but it’s good yeah Pizza Hut wing or just like a regular bar like on the average level there’s like nothing special about it but there’s nothing wrong with it it’s like such a classic um delicious feeling that you’d know just by looking at it like just by the color of the way like what – tastes like exactly and that is what it tastes like it’s a as a buffalo wing I’m always a person ate it it’s a palate cleanser next up is Martha Stewart she starts by tossing wings with salt a large bowl and scatter them onto a baking tray with no oil or parchment paper and baking them until crispy in a separate bowl combine maple syrup grainy Dijon mustard and stir that all together once baked take those wings and toss them directly in the sauce give him a nice coat you’re gonna pop these back into the oven just so the glaze has time to kind of stick to it and thicken up a bit about two to three minutes serve them with lemon wedges and that’s it Martha Stewart’s super simple wing recipe this has a cute little glaze to it it’s got little seeds on it and the lemon served with a lemon so we’re trying to be fancy is it mustard seeds this comes with a slice of lemon and since it’s here I’m just gonna squeeze it on there’s like kind of no taste but then there’s also kind of a taste it’s not quite sweet it’s pretty neutral but it’s good like I want to take another bite it’s sweet it’s just sweet I know I don’t like that there was a lemon lift here cuz it’s like why would I do that I feel like this is probably like a healthier version of a chicken wing I really have no idea what’s in this wing I think that’s what got me is coz the outside is like a yummy glazed layer and then the inside is like pretty tender I’m not mad but I wouldn’t order this percent last but not least is football legend Joe Montana in a bowl he combines salt pepper seasoned salt onion powder garlic powder and paprika and stirs that all up to create his own seasoning blend set that aside and take a large bowl and add whole beings to it with the tips cut off toss those in a bit of oil then take half the seasoning mixture and toss it right on top finish it with the remaining so it’s nice and evenly coated and transfer these wings onto a baking tray with a baker’s rack scatter those around and pop in the oven and that’s really it that’s joe Montana’s full chicken wing recipe it’s just cute it’s pretty standard it’s got a little oil you know it’s like the kind where you like you know you’re gonna need a little nap can and maybe a little like a wet wipe this doesn’t look like wings necessarily I can see this in the cup wael tray I look up barbecue it’s very juicy I like it it honestly days ago rotisserie chicken have some good spices could have a little bit more this is good but it doesn’t have a super ton of flavor I think a dipping sauce would be nice this side tastes like if you’re just like getting a piece of rotisserie chicken with your meal which I love I love her to surgery I love sodium maybe this would be in like your meal prep rotation which is fine it’s good very moist and delicious but like not as a hot wing out of the five I think four and five are out for me I like one two and three I like the sauces because I’m not the hugest fan of buffalo wings I’m cutting three but because the first moon had the sauce and I’m someone who’s lactose intolerant and can’t help myself I’m gonna go with one because I love dipping the way in sighs okay hey Gordon chef and all no it’s good I guess sauce is delicious so I think my favorite wing was the first one I got they had the sesame seeds it had a really dope sauce easy to bite into was tender had a nice little layer sweet so other things I’m looking for in a way Gordon Ramsay oh okay so eating some fancy wings up in here out of the five winds I ate I think number two is the best wasn’t like a crazy taste there was a little bit of a kick to it it was a little bit sweet and it was fried which I like I like fried and baked but that tasted really good and his moist oh and he’s great he does no wrong he’s got an e got he has all the words the chicken wings on Chris he’s thinking foot that’s great yeah they’re really do that’s good I like them even more that I know he got that so there you have it Gordon Ramsay has the best chicken wing recipe which recipe do you want us to test next let us know in the comments oh yes you

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