Which Celebrity Has The Best Apple Pie Recipe?

Which Celebrity Has The Best Apple Pie Recipe?

Everyone it is Jesse from the taste team and say I’m Li testing out for famous celebrity apple pie recipes see which one is actually the best I’m says line up your recipes from Michelle Obama for Anna Ramsey Martha Stewart and Michael Simon I read all the recipes measure everything out exactly stated make sure it’s fair and I got three my friends place them in a blind taste so which celebrities s Empire speak find out of Bert’s is the queen of things giving herself Martha Stewart she makes a pretty standard crust into a food processor but combining flour salt sugar and butter and then she mixes up eggs and water towards and blitz is it a few more time so a dough forms together you’re gonna take that transfer it onto a work surface and kind of push it together into a big dough ball cut that in half wrap each one in plastic wrap and pop them in the fridge while that’s chilling get a pot over high heat and melt some butter you’re gonna want it to start browning and form these little speckles on the bottom they’ll look burnt but don’t worry that’s what we’re going for then you’re gonna take granny smith apples peel them and you’re gonna cut them into eighths they’re gonna be pretty big chunks but that’s a mark the size put some lemon juice on them toss they don’t Brown and get another boy you’re gonna combine some flour sugar brown sugar salt and vanilla bean mix that up so it’s not really clumpy you’re gonna toss that with the cut apples and pour your brown butter right on top toss toss toss and you’re gonna take one half of your dough roll it out into a disc with a bit of flour so it doesn’t stick and you want it about the size your pipe and to make things easier you can roll it right on your rolling pin then put it right on the disc take those apples and pop right in the bottom and then while that’s happening you’re gonna roll out your other dough and put that right on top as well go around pinch it so it doesn’t come open and crimp it so it looks nice and fancy poke some holes in the top let the steam out brush the top with a bit of egg to help put brown and sprinkle the top with sugar so it looks nice and glistening pop in the oven bake until Brown and there you have it Martha Stewart brown butter apple pie it’s like too much Apple it’s too much healthy it’s super dry I was kind of expecting to have some mint flavor there’s no something at all it’s just a piece of apple pie this is as basic as you can go up next is my first lady Michelle Obama she combines granny smith apples brown sugar cinnamon nutmeg salt and flour and pops my fridge overnight the next day you’re gonna butter and flour a large rectangular baking dish seer pie doesn’t stick and you’re gonna grab three rolls of store-bought pie crust roll those out you want the edges touching just a little bit and you’re gonna cut that in half so you have a one and a half of those pop that right in the bottom and poke a few holes in it and then bring in your apples and juice and all come right in top it with a few more pieces of butter take your other one-and-a-half pieces of pie crust place it on top and pinch it closed poke a few holes right on top to let this steam out and brush with butter and put it in a 300 degree oven for three hours yep there you have it three hour apple pie this is an apple pie bar this is like a brownie but apple pie because it’s definitely a very flaky but it’s definitely not buttering so fat like this bullying is so good but it tastes like store-bought crust to be honest coming up next is Michael Simon he starts fairly standard by combining flour sugar and salt in a food processor and blitzes that until combined bring in some cold butter pretty standard what’s it one more time but here’s a crazy part he brings in the sharp cheddar cheese and blitzes that right into his dough you’re gonna bring in some cold water pour it on top to help but come together and if it’s still looking a bit dry you can add a little bit more just to help it turn into a dough take this split it in half wrap it up pop in the fridge just like the other ones then meanwhile some granny smith apples and toss them with sugar brown sugar flour cinnamon nutmeg and salt toss that together and bring in some heavy cream import right on top and toss it one more time take half your dough that’s already rolled out pour those apples right on top top with a few extra pieces of butter and bring in your last piece of dough right on top crimp it close just like the other ones poke some holes and brush us with some egg and sprinkle it with turbinado sugar to make it nice and crunchy pop in the oven bake until golden and there you have it a cheesy apple pie it has some nice iconic sound to it which I love kind of drive it’s like apple pie that’s like been sitting out for like five days this is as neutral as you get it’s not too spicy it’s not too sweet the crust is mmm Swedish cheese in the crust it’s so weird because there’s like this apps or note of like milkiness and like Musti knows that makes no sense because usually whenever you add cheese do literally any food it tastes better but this is the one case in which it’s made it worse up next is gonna Ramsay he takes a bit of a different approach with this cross and combines softened not cold butter with sugar and adds egg and blitz then until creamy you’re gonna add flour blitz it one more time and if it’s looking dry you can add a few tablespoons of water with this dough just like the others you’re gonna squish it together divide it in half wrap it up and stick in the fridge to chill well–that’s chillin combine some sugar cinnamon and nutmeg in a small bowl toss that together and pour it right on top of some diced apples not slice this time you want to coat them because we’re gonna be cooking it melt some butter and then half of that make sure to it you want to cook these until they’re really nice and caramelize on the outside toss my sauce put those in a bowl and do the same exact thing with the remaining apples once those are cooked you’re gonna pour them right into a pie pan with half of your dough put on the rest the crust right on top crimp the clothes and sprinkle of sugar bake and there you have it Gordon Ramsay’s pie I got I like it but it doesn’t taste like apple pie the crust tastes like a shortbread cookie I really like this pie there’s like the right amount of sweetness the right amount of acidity this definitely one’s the best class I’ve ever had that is crunchy crust it’s all I’ve been asking for all day which celebrity has the best apple pie it’s time to find out its second one actually it’s my favorite the really thick one that has like the filling that’s like super brown and caramely that’s my favorite my favorite apple pie is number four because it has a really great crust it’s definitely something that I’m always looking for in the apple pie after tasting all of these files I think I’ve come to the conclusion that number four is my favorite because there was some dark caramelization going on there so I was really into that I don’t know like the crust won me over so there you have it Gordon Ramsay has the best apple pie which recipe should we test next let us know in the comments you

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