We Got A Head-To-Toe Holographic Makeover

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We Bought A Head-To-Toe Holographic Makeover (feat. Merely Nailogical)

[Intro Music]
S: Hi there pals and welcome to a different video.
S: At the moment I'm right here with Cristine from SimplyNailogical
C: Hi there pals
S: And we’re going to be doing one thing that I've needed to do for a very long time
S: However I couldn’t do with out Cristine
S: So, in case you don't know Cristine or her channel, she's just about the queen of holo
S: And in case you don't know h๐Ÿ’ฟl๐Ÿ’ฟ, it's quick for holographic
S: Not the projections, I'm speaking stunning shifting rainbow pigments
S: And if these shiny rainbows make ya really feel kinda gooey inside, it’s possible you’ll be what Cristine calls a holosexual
S: I believe I'm a bit bit holosexual myself, and holographic issues are in all places proper now
S: From Cristine's nails, to runways, to garments on movie star's our bodies
S: And since I'm completely horrible at portray my nails,
S: At the moment we're going to be sporting head to toe h๐Ÿ’ฟl๐Ÿ’ฟ for a day (C: Yess)๐Ÿ’ฟ๐Ÿ’ฟ๐Ÿ’ฟ
S: One may even name it a h๐Ÿ’ฟl๐Ÿ’ฟtransformation
C: Or a h๐Ÿ’ฟl๐Ÿ’ฟday
S: So I went out and received two our bodies' value of clothes, and right here it’s
C: *gasp*
C: Oh mai gad
S: I hope I did it proper…I dunno
C: What is that this?! Is that this a holo space-suit? Oh my god it’s!
C: Is that this a tablecloth? Oh it's a skirt
C: OHMYGOD (S: Right here have this hat)
C: I wanna put on it! I must put it on!
C: Ooooh, I'm a h๐Ÿ’ฟl๐Ÿ’ฟ mountain!
S: How do you are feeling? C: I really feel actually good proper now.
S: Do you are feeling a bit aroused?
C: *Laughs* You wanna be a part of?
S: So I believe we must always get…dressed, and see what we've received.
S: After which we'll enterprise out and see what the individuals of LA consider our head-to-toe h๐Ÿ’ฟl๐Ÿ’ฟ look.
S: Alright. Lets do it. C: Lets go pals.
Tyler: Are you guys prepared?
S (distant): Yeahhh
S: I really feel like once I watch your movies, I AM a holosexual
S: Like I'm like: Oh YES (C: Mhm, Yeah!)
S: However I don't put on a number of it
C: We're gonna change that.
S: *gasps*
S: Ohmaigod!
C: Oh, gurl (S: WOW!)
S: How do you assume persons are gonna react?
C: They're gonna wanna be my good friend instantly
S: These pants are wonderful! C: Wanna contact em?
S: Sure. C: We already gettin' holosexualll
S: It–I'm like kinda like a…a bit child (C: It's good and smooothh)
S: Like I’ve a–little bowties and my little bucket hat C: Take a look at your head!
S: And my little gown, I'm able to go to highschool
S: I used to be pondering possibly individuals would assume we're road performers
C: We would flip lots of people on
S: Okay, so earlier than we head out into the world, I do have a bit little bit of a of completion
C: You imply holo make-up!?
S: Yeah, simply put it on the face–Simply *Wshew sound impact*
C: Put it on mai face! C: I'm getting far more than I wanted
Tyler: She's makin' it rain.
C: Oh shit! S: Nowww we imply enterprise!
C: I name this: take-your-holo-to-work day
S: I’m wondering if we must always deal with as we speak as similar to a two-woman arousal caravan
S: Spreading extra of the message C: It kinda stings…is that dangerous?
S: Mm…I'm placing a bit bit additional C: Oh it's on my enamel now, that's–good play, Cristine
C: What if we get like a holo van and simply kidnap individuals
S: Did I do an excessive amount of? C: You need to put this in your legs.
C: That is head to toe holo, bear in mind.
C: So…get down there, woman
S: Oh! C: Oooooh, yeah.
C: That's higher than Jergen's physique glow.
S: So whad do ya assume?
*Overlays Cristine's childhood business "Whad do ya assume?"*
C: I believe we did good!
S: It's extremely popular outdoors, um.
S: Do you assume this holo replicate the solar or does it take in it
C: It displays the solar
However I believe normally the fabric beneath is sort of thick so we would sweat to dying
S: We'll die joyful C: On my deathbed
That's precisely what I need to be sporting, so I'm good
S: So our first vacation spot bringing holo to the world was Starbucks. So Christine, when did you first uncover your love of holo?
C: You already know, that's a troublesome query. What’s… I at all times knew. S: You at all times knew? C: I at all times knew
You already know, I didn't know what it was referred to as. I didn't know why
S: Our outfits had been principally ignored at Starbucks, so we needed to get different individuals's opinions on our holo vogue
S: Holo! C: Holo there!
S: After which we received to asking some questions
C: What's it referred to as?
C: Yeeeah S: Whenever you see the rainbows. What does it make you are feeling?
When you contact her legs although, every thing modifications
C: Contact it!
Can I? C: Yeah
*gasps* whoooooa! Can I attempt?
Ooooh, that is innapropriate.
C: Sure, No
I believe for probably the most half individuals have been liking it or seeming like joyful or excited. You already know?
They smile
Yeah, it looks like principally
-they kinda simply smile
I believe we're you already know ransoms some-something's
C: They're
S: Now one growth was that some individuals truly thought that we had been road performers
There was a man who was um like a man who labored for just like the tourism Division of Santa Monica
It appeared like. It appeared like he thought that we had been truly road performers and we would have liked a allow
after which after we defined that we weren’t truly road performers
Then he switched to are you vacationers and do you want a map. Both individuals assume there we're road performers
Or that we’re simply very misplaced. C: Or that we're from one other nation the place there's a complete different sort of vogue occurring
S: Properly you’re from one other nation
C: Oh… Good level.
S: So we gave it a shot. We tried the entire chrome tinman statue factor and simply stood nonetheless for some time
Tyler: So that you're simply gonna stand there S: -but it didn't actually work out for us
So after getting some fashionable on the road opinions about our outfits
I used to be curious to know a bit bit extra in regards to the historical past of holographics vogue
When do you first see holo? Do you bear in mind?
C: In all probability like six years outdated and it was in my mom's wardrobe flashy scrunchy …I making that up
S: Woke up one thing inside-oh you… that's not true C: That's not true
S: From what I can inform, I don't assume holo has ever been as mainstream as it’s now
however rainbow holographics have been worn for a really very long time in jewellery and holographic garments date again to the
1960s as curiosity in futuristic clothes prompted designers to attempt utilizing non fabric supplies resembling
holographic discs clear plastic and metals for idea clothes
S: To not point out it was additionally the late sixties the place summer time of affection
Psychedelic and rainbow imagery had been in all places. Plastic garments and rainbows, it appears like a match made in heaven.
Because the 60s holo has sort of caught round. It was part of the disco pitch scene within the 70s
The place sporting the loudest outfit was at a premium and in reality the extra you appeared just like the disco ball the higher
The holo aesthetics popped up once more within the 80s
parallel to the invetion of the CD-rom
As soon as once more selecting up its position from the late 60s as an emblem of the long run and of know-how. This connotation
carried by way of into the 90s was garments equipment
Make-up and plenty of physique glitter because the flip of the millennium peach new curiosity into the long run. Probably the most iconic
90s holo moments for me was Zenon woman of the 21st century's earring, the place it was like the key to the entire ships codes
And it was a bit CD. C: Properly the CD emoji is the holosexual emoji. You assume CDS are outdated?
You incorrect. S: they're extra related than ever C: Not for listening, however simply in your visible consumption pleasure
S: So I assume that's all to say that holo vogue has roots in bling futurism and psychedelics
We've been strolling round loads as we speak. Yeah
C: *sighs*
S: It's exhausting being a
Human piece of holo however I believe general I believe we’re
brightening up… Each: individuals's days C: yeah, with rainbows
I believe we made their day a bit brighter and so they smiled and I had a joke to inform at dinner
S: The place they're like 'I noticed loopy individuals as we speak' Okay, so now we're going to go get some dinner trigger we labored up a holo urge for food
C: We don't want dessert. We’re dessert
Or we might get cheesecake
Yeah let's get cheesecake.
So we went to the cheesecake manufacturing facility
Ate some cheesecake after which had some enjoyable instances within the lavatory. As soon as the solar units the holo does lose a little bit of luster
However in case you flip in your excessive beams you may get the social gathering again once more.
*Tyler and Ben laughing within the automobile*
Ben: Good it really works
S: Properly, I believe general we had been fairly well-received as we speak like I believe most individuals smiled
I believe truly individuals preferred it higher after we weren't speaking to them like I really feel like-
C: Yeah, that's what individuals inform me usually, like 'simply cease speaking'
S: It’s a little bit like we’re Elvis impersonators
C: Properly it's like they're undecided what sort of impersonators we’re. S: Yeah, they're like they're doing one thing and I don't know what it’s
C: I simply needed my my outsides match my inside as a result of I'm holo inside.
S: Sounds such as you're empty inside once you say it like that
C: That's the purpose S: oh it's- oh
C: Safiya!
S: Nooo! …However I really feel like you already know whether or not or not like LA and Santa Monica
Had been prepared for us to carry them this holo. C: We introduced the holo. S: Yeah
We did C: We introduced all of it. Can I hold this although? I do know you bought this
S: Sure, in fact! C: It's as a result of I sweat like throughout this. S: Properly that's the primary cause
Why it is best to hold it. My neck is sweaty too. Is your neck sweaty? C: My physique is sweaty
I really feel like a number of this holo clothes is like fairly plastic. Thanks for doing this with me Cristine.
C: Thanks for doing this with me Safiya.
S: I'm sorry that you just sweat a lot as we speak, however… C: Identical goes to. We each scent. We should always most likely bathe.
S: We should always most likely finish this video.
C: That too.
S: Thanks guys a lot for watching. Ensure to take a look at our collab that we filmed on Cristine's channel which explains why our nails
Aren’t holo however you already know C: disgrace S: It wasn't head to fingertip, it was head to toe and the toes are holo so there you go
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An enormous shout out to Kailey for watching. Thanks for watching, Kailey!
And I'll see you guys uh subsequent time
C: There. Truly it appears cool. See? have a look at that.

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