Unicorn Poop Cookies

Unicorn Poop Cookies

Unicorn Poop Cookies

Hey guys, right this moment we’re going to be making something- As you may inform!- unicorn-themed! Right now we’re gonna be making Unicorn Poop Cookies! I noticed so many photos of this all around the Web and I acquired so many requests to do these cookies, they’re very fashionable proper now! So let’s get began! The issues you’ll need shall be 2 Cups of flour, 2/three Cup of sugar, three oz. of cream cheese, 1/2 Cup of shortening, 1/2 a cup of buttah, 1 egg, 1/2 a teaspoon of salt, 1/2 a teaspoon of almond extract, 6 meals coloring dyes: We’ve got pink, yellow, orange, inexperienced, blue and purple.

We’ll want two little sprinkles, I am utilizing these round pearl-balls and star-sprinkles! Final however not least, a baking sheet. Now let’s get began! The very first thing that we’re gonna do is cream collectively our butter, shortening and cream cheese. Simply combine it till all the things may be very clean. As soon as that is blended, you are gonna add your sugar and your salt and them combine it up once more till it is good and clean. Now we’re gonna add one egg, and our almond extract! Then we’re gonna combine one final time earlier than we add within the flour. Now we’re gonna progressively add our flour because it’s mixing, so I am simply gonna add just a little bit…

Oh! As soon as your batter’s all achieved, you are gonna divide it into six bowls, proper right here, and we’re gonna dye it the totally different rainbow colours! As soon as you’ve got dyed all your dough the totally different colours, I’ve wrapped them in Saran Wrap, and also you’re gonna stick these within the fridge for 30 minutes to allow them to chill, after which we’re gonna form our little poop cookies! After your dough is completed chilling within the fridge, you are gonna unwrap them. And I’ve laid down a bit of wax-paper in order that it would not follow the desk… … however bear in mind this recipe is just a little bit totally different as a result of it is a cream cheese sugar cookie recipe, proper now you do not wanna use any flour. It is rather sticky and that is why you wanna maintain the dough chilly, so we’ll work quick! What you are gonna do is roll out every coloration, do some log. And, then we’re gonna lower it into six sections. Reduce it in half after which One…Two… One…Two. And also you’re gonna roll every little piece right into a ball, like that! And stick ’em on the cookie sheet.

So simply do this to all your colours, make six little balls for every one. We have got our rainbow-balls all dyed and now we’re gonna stick ’em within the freezer for 30 minutes to allow them to set and get just a little chilly once more! After your dough has chilled, now I am gonna present you methods to make The Unicorn Poop Cookie! So what you are gonna do is you are gonna take one ball of every coloration and also you’re gonna begin with pink. Roll it out and once more you do not wanna use flour ‘cuz with this recipe the dough may be very squishy, as you may see. However that is okay as a result of they’re going to stick collectively very well… It would not should look excellent! Then you definitely’re gonna roll out orange, I like to simply roll it out right here after which roll it up proper to the pink, squish it collectively! Then yellow and, that is actually sneaky! You are gonna roll it up and on prime of the yellow.

Then you definitely’re gonna roll out blue- It is gonna go on prime of orange. Now, as soon as you’ve got acquired these lined up, you are simply gonna pinch them collectively so all the things’s touching. And then you definitely’re gonna gently begin to roll it from the underside. Roll it ahead, just a bit bit, So we see the pink… There we go! And then you definitely’re gonna twist this aspect this fashion, and also you’re gonna twist this aspect the other manner. And then you definitely’re gonna give it a few rolls! 1, 2, and achieved! That is all you have to do! Now you are simply gonna twirl the dough, like this, right into a circle- Oh, oh, oh! Actually gently…

…after which spin this around- Go like that so it appears to be like like… Take a look at that! Slightly piece of poop! And then you definitely’re gonna do that to your different cookies. This recipe makes six cookies. As soon as you’ve got acquired your Unicorn Poop Cookies all prepared, what we’re gonna do is about your oven to 375 and also you’re gonna bake these for 7 minutes. However the one factor that you simply’re gonna do earlier than you ’em within the oven is take your pearls- Not the star-sprinkles, simply the pearls, and sprinkle just a few on prime of every of them.

Now they’re all prepared, it is time to bake! As soon as your cookies are achieved baking, be certain they’ve had loads of time to chill, and then you definitely’re gonna do the final ornament section! We’re gonna add our star-sprinkles, so simply get just a few in your hand aaaand make it rain! I make it rain! I make it rain! Ta-daaaaa! Listed here are The Unicorn Poop Cookies that we made! They’re filled with “rainbow magic!” I am gonna put the entire hyperlinks down under for the sugar cookie recipe, I discovered it on a very cool weblog: YoYoMax On-line.

Additionally, “Thanks.” to my pal Jessica for this actually cool unicorn tune. And, when you’ve got some other concepts for some other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know! Go away me a remark and I’ll do my finest to make it occur! Additionally, you may comply with me on Fb, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr- I will be posting plenty of photos of those little Unicorn Poop Cookies! And should you guys make it, ship me an image! I like to re-blog it and re-post it ‘cuz I simply get a kick out of seeing your creations, It is superior! All proper, thanks you guys.

Bye-bye! “I am a magical animal filled with hope and marvel.” “See the horn on my heeeaaddd, it is fairly stunner!” “With wings on my again, I can fly over rainbows!” “I scent like heat cookies and Fortunate Allure-Marsh-mell-o’s!” “I am a Uuuuuuuuuuuuunicorn!” “I used to be lined in glitter after I was first born.” “And my favourite factor to eat is kettle-corn.” “Do not name me a horse! You have been warned!” “‘Cuz I am a uni-uni-unicorn…” “Uni-uni-unicorn…” “Uni-uni-uni-corn…” “I am a uni-uni-unicorn…” “Uni-uni-unicorn…” “Uni-uni-uni-corn…”

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