Trendy Haircuts To Ask For In 2019

Trendy Haircuts To Ask For In 2019

Trendy Haircuts To Ask For In 2019

Just which haircuts will be in high demand in 2019?

While all kinds of bobs make the cut(no pun intended), some classic styles you never thought would return are well on their way back. Here’s what hair gurus say is gonna be hot in 2019.

Blunt Cuts

Senior stylist, Fae Norris, from Neighborhood Salon in Echo Park, California, says blunt cuts will be making their way into 2019. She dished, “We’ll see a lot of chin-length to collarbone bobs with deep side or middle parts.” And this style works whether you have curly, wavy, or pin straight hair, which basically means it’s perfect for every woman. Norris says, “This is about ditching the overly complicated layered cuts and keeping life simple with this timeless, chic look.” Even Ariana Grande who is known for her tight, high ponytails said “thank u, next” to her iconic look toward the end of 2018, opting for a much shorter blunt cut.


Listen up ladies, perms are back. And FRED NYC’s Fred Connors confirmed it, saying, “More women in the salon are asking about perms.” In 2019, Connors expects many women to take a break from their curling irons and try out more permanent coils. While it may be really hard to imagine, Connors claims the retro style still works today, saying it’s flirty and easy to wear. But if you need some perm inspo, look no further than Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. For real. If you’re not feeling the perm, it’s okay. 2019 is going to be chock full of other great looks and trendy haircuts.

Textured Bobs

Holly Pistas from Chicago’s Gordon Salon says, “Textured bobs are definitely going to be a go-to style in 2019. People want a haircut that is easy and not too structured. They… want something they can scrunch and go!” Pistas said bobs “can still be chic and edgy,” which is part of why they’re going to be so popular in 2019.

Bangs + Fringes

What’s next? If you’ve been thinking about getting bangs, now’s your shot. Sharon Ramcharitar, senior stylist at Vu Hair in New York City says she expects to see a few different looks in 2019, including… “… trendy bangs, which include a shaggy or face framed bang shorter bangs and tousled bangs.” Holly Pistas echoed the sentiment, saying, “The comeback of bangs is only getting stronger. People like some framing around their face to break it up.”

Long Layers

Ricardo Dinis, the global artistic director at Aveda said 2019 will also be a good year for natural, long hair “with no fuss layers.” And he says the look even works with bangs.

Celeb stylist Matt Fugate told Allure, ” should create a triangle shape that aligns with the outer corners of your eyes. Just don’t make the layers around your face too short. They’ll look most flattering if they begin below the chin.” If you need a celebrity to model your style after, Jessica Biel’s character in The Sinner is totally rocking the look. For many, 2019 will be the year to get out of your comfort zone and try a new look.

And according to Fae Norris, you have plenty of trendy haircuts to choose from. From pixies to shaved heads to bowl cuts, your new look can be a blend of fashion-forward and retro, and all kinds of women are giving them a go.

Bowl Cuts

While it might be hard to think of a bowl cut as flattering, Norris assures us that they can be, saying, “Bowl cuts can be softened by a subtle layer preventing anything resembling a mushroom from occurring.” According to Norris, South Korea and Germany have already gone mainstream with the trend.

Wet Look Bobs

Are you sick of blow-drying your hair? Then 2019 is going to be your year. Ricardo Dinis says “slick back” and “wet-look bobs” are an up-and-coming trend. While achieving the wet look may sound as simple as washing your hair and throwing in some gel, it’s not quite that easy. Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist, Chris Appleton, revealed to Behind the Chair, “It’s not actually wet, it’s just a wet look. Use products to create gloss.” He recommends coating your hair with high-gloss oil shellac, and working section by section until you achieve that trendy wet look. “And a lot of people get confused and put gel in their hair, whereas the hair should still feel touchable and it should still feel soft.” Then, of course, to really become Kim K, you’ll need some couture and a celebrity photographer, but, one step at a time for 2019! .

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