The Great Celebrity Bake Off Traumatized John Lithgow

-Welcome back. We love having you here. You’re one of my all-time favorites. I love you. My wife loves you. My babies love you. My dog loves you — Gary. -The subject of one of my portraits, your dog. -That’s — exactly. You painted a beautiful painting of Gary, and I have it — I have that hanging on my wall. I see you every day. -Wonderful to be back, Jimmy. -You’re like a Jack of all trades. You do all these amazing things. You’re a great actor. You’re a poet.

You’re an author. And one thing I did not know is that you are a good baker. -Oh, my God. -Yes. Yes. You know what I’m about to discuss. -I am a mediocre baker. But I became something of a celebrity in England… -Yes. I just… Oh, I can’t — I’m so excited to bring this up. I can tell you’re very excited about it. What was this? -I was a guest contestant on “The Great British Bake Off.” -I love that show! -Yeah, I — It’s a wonderful show. It’s hugely, hugely popular in England. They asked me to come over and do it. And I foolishly said, “I’d love to.” And it was one of the great traumas of my life.

-To be honest, I think you did okay. -Well, you know, there are three challenges, and I did okay in the two that I could practice beforehand. But then, they throw you this technical challenge where you don’t — they present you with what you have to do with a very rudimentary recipe. And you just have to do it with you own — -And you brain just melts? -It was — It was a horrifying experience. It was a Swiss — It was a Swiss roll. I’d never even heard of a Swiss roll. -Right now — Little Debbie is in shock, right now. She is like, “What?” Now, the Swiss roll is this. -Yeah. That’s a good Swiss roll. -That’s a beautiful Swiss roll. -Yeah. -Yeah, now, here’s what — -Orange and black, and stripes, and the roll is perfect.

-Here’s what you made. -It looks like a… -Oh, my God. -Absolutely horrible. It looks like a tiger’s turd. -What did the judges say? What did they… -Uh, Prue — Well, Prue, one of the judges — very distinguished English lady — her judgement was, “Not sellable in any cake shop.” I think you came pretty close, man. -Well… -No, I don’t. No, I — No, I don’t. I don’t really, though. -And then, I — And in the middle of the night on the night that I did it, I woke up in the middle of the night, and realized, “Wait, a minute. I left out the Goddamn flour.” -Flour? Flour? -Try making a Swiss roll without flour. So, this is really more advanced, if you want to get real technical.

-Yeah. -He made this without flour, you guys. So, come on. You should get bonus points. Well, it probably tasted great. .

John Lithgow shares his horrifying experience baking on a celebrity version of The Great British Bake Off and the key ingredient he missed while making a Swiss roll.

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The Great Celebrity Bake Off Traumatized John Lithgow