The $8 Brow Pencil that Replaced my $34 One

The $8 Brow Pencil that Replaced my $34 One

With very low expectations I tossed this $8 eyebrow pencil in my cart at Ulta a few months ago. It has turned out to be one of my favorite eyebrow products ever.

The Revolution Pro brow pencil has a very tiny tip, which means you can be precise about where the pencil strokes are. Ash Brown, which is the shade I use, is the nicest grey/taupe shade for neutral hair color.

It lasts all day, but it can rub off if you aren’t careful. Also, it works best if you put a bit of foundation or concealer on your skin in any areas that don’t have hair. For example, my eyebrows basically stop growing about halfway across my eyeball, so I have to draw the rest of the brow on my face. In that place, it’s better to have something for the pencil to grab onto instead of smooth, clean skin.

I’ve tried a few other products from this brand that were “meh”, but this brow pencil is fantastic.

P.S. If you are curious to watch how I fill in my brows, click here!