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Russian Doll

Russian Doll Ending(+ Timeline) Explained

Russian Doll Ending(+ Timeline) Explained

Hey Netflix – what’s this show even about? Netflix Russian Doll is a dramedy that follows Nadia, a cynical self-absorbed New Yorker who must relive the same few days over and over again so in this video, we’re going to explain the timeline, ending, and some of the details you may have missed along the way but in order to understand the ending, we must head to the beginning Nadia is a chain smoking alcoholic having a self proclaimed mid-life crisis at her 36th birthday party she’s concerned over the disappearance of Oatmeal, a neighborhood cat and when her friend Lizzie suggests she make Oatmeal and indoor cat Nadia snaps, saying you know, I don’t believe in dictating the boundaries of a sentient being’s existence for you, it’s safety for me and Oatmeal, it’s a prison and a prison is exactly what Nadia is going to get in her search for Oatmeal, she’s struck and killed by a car but mysteriously wakes up in the same exact spot where the episode began the time loop that she gets caught up in is her own metaphorical prison she in essence becomes like Oatmeal lost, trap, but yearning to be free.

What transpires until her eventual meeting with Allan in Episode 3 is a search for answers. She spends Episode 2 tracking down Wardog, who she finds out laced Maxine’s joint with Ketamine. But when she rules that out as the culprit, she loses all hope and spirals into a binge of alcohol and cocaine. The symbolism of the door handle gun and pipe gun, evident that she both killing herself both physically and mentally She doesn’t know this yet, but until she can heal the underlying problems of what’s causing her to act this way nothing will change and thus, she is doomed to repeat her 36th birthday most terrifying day of her life over and over again and her 36th birthday carries extra significance because it’s also how old her mother was when she died and understanding her relationship with her mother is key to unlocking the reason why Nadia is stuck in this loop but we’ll get to that in a bit.

In episode three Nadia believes that her friends loft where the party was held has something to do with this lope because it was formally a religious Yeshiva building and it may have somehow cursed her so she asked her ex john to talk to the rabi and get some answers and the rabi lets out this piece of information mysticism features that their is wisdom inaccessible to the intellect you can only reach it through surrender being nothing and Nadia hasn’t surrendered yet she hasn’t opened herself up to the thing that causes her the most pain Until that shell remain haunted and as the rabi says about the building the buildings aren’t haunted the people are. It’s only when Nadia meats Allen a man who also suffers from this perpetual death loop that they both start to get some answers and Allen is a great foil to Nadia because he’s the exact opposite he’s a clean freak likes control and structure he cares for others namely Beatris and he’s weak and timid The meeting of Allen and Nadia is because only by them working together can they solve the mystery of the time loop as Farren says no one can do anything by themselves Allen and Nadia teach each other lessons that will help them unlock the pain that is deeply rooted in themselves the pain neither of them want to confront Allen instead of confronting it throws himself off of a roof Nadia does it by distancing herself from those who care for her the most her friends and john she also does this by not confronting the guilt she feels for her mothers death in episode seven Nadia’s haunted by the ghost of her younger self it’s a reminder of what she did to her mother she confides in Ruth telling her that when the social worker asked if she would rather live with Ruth or her mother she chose Ruth and within a year her mother had killed herself so she now feels guilt for that decision even though it was clearly the right decision due to her mother being mentally unstable Allen needs to get over Beatris and let her be whoever she wants to be he visits her and lets it all out his true feelings not only about her but about himself he tells her he finally lets someone help him and she ask who as we immediately cut to Nadia and her seen where she opens up to Ruth We have two characters one right after the other opening up about their deepest fears finally confronting them it is only then that the loop is fixed and they die one final time but the story isn’t over here they have broken the loop but are given one final chance to make things right early on in the last episode both Nadia and Allen realize that they are in two separate time lines where neither recognizes the other Nadia must save Allen who is drunk and unstable from committing suicide While Allen must save Nadia from getting run over by a car Nadia follows Allen and watches him so he doesn’t go over the roof while Allen must convenes Nadia he knows her by reveling the exact amount her grandmother made by selling the gold bullion and eventually saves her from getting run over by the car.

Nadia sums up the events quite beautifully by telling a drunk Allen a story that quote Life was to painful or they were to fragile then one night something miraculous happened They made it through alive and they did but theirs one final problem in each timeline now have versions of themselves which are the same destructive selves seen in episode one But this time they have each other as Nadia and Allen say you promise if I don’t jump I’ll be happy I don’t know man appositely not but I can promise you that you’ll not be alone and in each timeline they walk off together friends helping each other over come their faults ready to take on the world renewed and full of hope theirs also the matter of how the timeline works it’s best summed up in episode seven when Nadia uses the orange to explain the theory or relativity essentially the outer layers of the rotten fruit and dead flowers we’ve seen throughout the season experience time differently than the inside like how the orange rotten on the outside but fine on the inside the outer layer experiences time differently than the inside just like how Nadia and Allen experience time different from everyone else Nadia equates their current situation to programming because she is a precoder sometimes you have a crash which is caused by a bug their crash is death and their bug is reliving the same loop over and over if the can fix this bug they can stop the crash and the way to do that is to go back to the moment they first met at the deli and that’s exactly what they do by meeting and helping each other on that faithful night they can prevent this all from happening in the first place Russian Doll isn’t just a long story involving multiple deaths it’s a story of two people finding each other confronting their inner demons and moving on with their lives to help others and also kick ass hobo parades Thanks everyone for watching make sure to give this video a like and to subscribe and leave me a comment telling me what you thought about the show I have more videos coming up so make sure that the bell is on and as always remember Daddy loves you very much English

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