/Rainbow Cupcakes For St. Patrick’s Day
Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow Cupcakes For St. Patrick’s Day

Hi everyone today we’re going to make rainbow cupcakes this is a super easy recipe and it’s always a big hit when I make them.

So the first thing you’ll need is just a plain white cake mix, any kind of cake mix will do or you can make your own, but it’s so easy and really inexpensive to just buy a cake mix. According to the package directions of this particular cake mix you’ll need 3 eggs a cup of water and half a cup of vegetable oil(depending on the cake mix that you’ll be using).. it’s always a little bit different but it’s basically the same thing. So mix this well for about 2 minutes. Now that dish has been mixed mixed with just a plain whisk(you can also mix with your electric beater) but once you’re finished mixing and your ingredients, you should divide your cake mix into 6 equal parts. So I’m just going to take a measuring cup and I’m going to start with 1/2 a cup and see where where it goes from there now the cake batter has been divided into six equal parts and the fun begins and that’s coloring each bowl a different color.

I have here six different colors of the rainbow and these are food coloring gels for desserts and pastries you can use a normal liquid food coloring the only difference is that the color won’t come out as brilliant as they do with these food gels these are about two or three dollars a little bottle but a little bit goes a long way so let’s start with purple just a quarter of a teaspoon is really a lot looks I’m going to leave the knife in there move Green yellow orange and red so let’s start mixing and see what it’s with colors they make now it’s time to layer the different colors into the cupcake liners I put in here some gold cupcake liners and this will assure me that the colors won’t penetrate but you can also use white cupcake liners but just be aware that all the colors will penetrate the paper and you’ll be able to see the rainbow so all you’ll need is about 2 teaspoons of each color in each cupcake liner and this is just an D average size cupcake liners now the blue you now the next step is to cook this according to package directions in my case it’s for 20 minutes at 350 degrees so the cupcakes are ready they’ve been cooked and now they’ve cooled down and I just want to show you the difference between a gold foil lining this is what it looks like with the lining and if you use a white one and you see what I mean when I told you that the colors would seep through so if you want that look then you use the white ones if you don’t want to see them then use the foil ones if you want to use a special shamrock lining I would suggest that you would put like triple thick like three of them because the colors they do seep through this one also and you won’t even see the shamrocks anymore or what you can do is you can just put them over the the ones that you’ve been using so you can really see the designs I’m going to show you what it looks inside I’ve already cut these muffins in half and you see the beautiful rainbows and the bright colors the kids they really enjoyed these cupcakes.

So now I’m going to suggest a way that you can decorate these rainbow cupcakes I’m just going to push this over this is just a commercial vanilla icing that I’ve put a little bit of our green food coloring so I’m just going to spread that on the top part of the muffin done while the muffin or the cupcake it doesn’t have to be perfect because the best cupcakes are the homemade ones okay now I have here some green sprinkles you find these a lot during Christmas time so I’m just going to dump this this ends in the little platter here and make them stick on the green frosting so not it looks a little bit like grass the next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to use these are called sour width they’re candies that are that look like rainbow so I’m going to use this and I’m going to use this to make a rainbow on my grass so I’m just going to cut an incision to help it along and I’m going to insert the candy inside the incisions see also a better view of it when I take pictures of it and now I found this pot of gold at the cake decorating store and I’m just going to insert it right at the end of the rainbow and you don’t have to do this but I also found the cake decorating store these little candy golden balls little gold pearls I’m not sure what they’re called but if you want you can add a few of them on stick them on the grass and here you have a rainbow with a pot of gold this is one way you can decorate it also another way you can decorate your cupcake is by putting a rainbow in the sky so instead of green food coloring just put the blue one again this is just plain white commercial icing that I’ve put a little food coloring in if you prefer making your own then just go ahead and make your own so there’s the sky again I’m just going to make two incisions I’m going to insert the rainbow hopefully you won’t give me too much trouble okay and now what we need is clouds if you think you’re good enough to make clouds with frosting then go ahead but I’m not too good at making cloud frost clouds with frost frosting so I’m just going to use whipped cream I found that it was easier for me I’m just going to add a little whipped cream around the rainbow but I found that there’s also frosting that comes in these squirt cans just like whipped cream so maybe you can try those so this is another way you can make decorate your cupcake by making a rainbow in the sky so I hope you enjoyed these cupcakes and you’re going to make some for your kids parties or maybe st.

Patrick’s Day or a coming-out party anyway these cupcakes are a success with everybody in it in every age group so let me know what you think please comment below like subscribe if you’d like to see more recipes like this and hopefully you can send me pictures on my facebook of your creations good bye .

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