PERFECTIONISM + ANXIETY on Instagram in 2019

Look – I get it. I’m in the Instagram space and to most people, Instagram equals having a perfect life, body, friends, skin, thoughts – having perfect everything! The punch line is (that we all forget) no one is perfect. When people meet me in real life and they tell me that my Instagram feed makes me a little unapproachable I feel disheartened. Yes my Instagram feed is the magazine version of my life but it’s not a 300 and 60 degree version of who I am. I’ve been the insecure teenager with zits who studied 24/7 I have been in bad relationships, it’s complicated relationships and long distance relationships. I have weighed 40 pounds more than what I weigh today I have felt lost, direction-less and tried a million things especially my 20s. I have been through a day job that I hated. I stress out a lot I put a lot of pressure on myself and I get bouts of anxiety that you don’t see on my feed.

I worry about how I come across to people instead of just focusing on who I am. These are things that you don’t see on my Instagram feed but they 100% help to shape who I am today Perfectionism especially on instagram is an illusion and if you’re feeling alone with this pressure to be perfect know that you’re not alone. I talk more about keeping this balance over in my Instagram masterclass. I’ll leave the link below. Go ahead and check it out .

PERFECTIONISM + ANXIETY on Instagram in 2019 // Ever feel like you need to be PERFECT to grow on Instagram? I totally get it. I’m on Instagram every single day to grow my business. But PERFECTIONISM and ANXIETY do not have to be the norm.

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