Perfect Winged Eyeliner(10 Tricks)

hi guys welcome back to my channel.. today my video for you is ten tricks on how to achieve the perfect winged liner every time no files no tears and no stress I know that winged liner is one of the trickiest things that you need to master in the world of makeup so I hope that these ten tricks will make it a lot easier for you if you have any questions don’t worry just leave them in the comment section down below and I’ll do my best to SM for you all my subscribers will answer them for you if I don’t if you enjoy this video as you’re watching and you found it helpful give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel to see more videos from me I will shut up now and let you watch the video I hope you find it helpful ok first up is the card trick what you want to do is take any clean piece of card that you have hold it against your eye at a diagonal apply your eyeliner using your card as your guideline and then fill in any gaps once you remove the card you’ll see that you have a perfect straight edge to your wing you can then go back in and fill in any little gaps that may have occurred and there’s your perfect winged eyeliner second trick is probably my favorite and this is to use tape I prefer to use surgical tape I’ll link it down below for you because it comes off nice and easily and doesn’t pull your skin same deal as the card trick you’re going to use the tape to get that perfect straight edge to your winged liner and once again you have a perfect winged liner so simple and easy this one’s a bit trickier this is the ultimate tape method so you’re going to apply on tape like you did before but then you’re going to layer another piece of tape on top to create a triangle on the outer corner of your eye this is going to be your winged liner so fill in in between two pieces of tape remove them then all you need to do is go back into the middle and the inner corner of your eye fill in any gaps and there’s a winged liner the next one is a popular method and it’s called join the dots literally all you do is draw a few dots on top of your lashline keep them as close to your lash line as possible but make sure you can still see them go all the way up to where you want your wing to be then all you do is get your eyeliner fill in the dots and you’re good to go now I’m just going to remove all that eyeliner and start again number 5 is the flat liner pen technique all you do is just take a felt tip eyeliner and literally press it against your lash line so all you’re doing is laying the felt tip liner flat against the lash line let the felt tip do all the work for you and then just fill in any gaps neaten it up where you need to meeting it up and that’s your winged liner done this one here is one of my favorite methods and this is just to clean up any winged liner you’ve done with makeup remover so say for example you’ve got in freehand drawn on your wings line up but it’s not quite as neat as you want it to be all you need to do is take another eyeliner brush or an angled eyebrow brush some makeup remover I’m just using miss low water and quite simply going and meeting up your winged liner this method acts like an eraser so you can get your eyeliner as neat and precise as you want this one here’s one with trickier this is to make your own stencil I’m just using this Sigma eyeliner here and I’m placing it against my eyelid I’m going to trace around to that curve until I’ve got the curve of my winged liner you can use anything for your stencil just make sure it’s a nice gentle curve then I’m just going to go back in and draw on the top of my winged liner fill in any gaps and my winged liner is finished trick number 8 is they conceal a clean up so you’ve got your perfect winged liner but then you make a mistake and all hell breaks loose all you need to do is get your concealer on an angled eyebrow brush and carve out that wing again make sure to take off any eyeliner that you’ve picked up on the back of your hands that you don’t smudge it and slowly but surely clean up that winged liner once you’re finished you’ll be left with the perfect winged liner once again this one here is for all you hooded eye babes out there what I like to do for this is to get a black pencil eyeliner and then tight line the top lash line so I’m applying it on the waterline of the top lash line then gently holds taut the outer corner of your eye and draw a very thin wing we’re not going to fill this wing in too much because chances are your hooded eyelid droops over it so as long as you can see that you’ve got a little bit of a wing poking out on the edge of your eye then you’re good to go trick number 10 is not really a trick I kind of run out of tricks sorry guys but this is just a freehand draw your eyeliner this is what I do if I don’t have a lot of time I just do this and hope for the best if it goes wrong I’ll usually go back in and clean it with the concealer clean up or clean it up with my makeup remover and that brings us to the end of the video so that was my 10 tricks to achieve the perfect winged liner every time let me know in the comment section down below which trick you’re going to try athirst or which trick you thought was the most helpful go and follow me on Twitter Instagram snapchat Facebook all that kind of stuff it’ll all be in the description box down below subscribe to my child give this video a like if you liked it if you didn’t don’t I love you guys so much and I will see you in my next video

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