My Autumn Makeup Look 🧡

What’s up guys it’s me Destin with you again since autumn has already begun I can’t miss this moment and I want to do like that oughta make up by the way I have my birthday in autumn oh yes I want to make an appeal mmm dear YouTube team and dear YouTube where is my silver button where it is I really look forward to see it thank you for attention so okay what I told about what makeup I want to do I decided to make a drawing I made this sketch button for me is associated with orange and yellow so my makeup will be in this shade so I made this cage and I will try to do the same okay guys let’s get started first I take this question just a new one so I just want to try it now I’m gonna use a concealer so that’s all with our foundation and now I’m gonna use this I’m just doing like this just a little bit okay the next step I wrote it here is a contour too cool for school this is my third one I only like to do contouring of my nose I like to make it thinner I’m using this brush our eyebrows are done for our eye makeup I’m gonna use this eyeshadow palette I’m gonna use this one and this one by the way as you can see on my sketch we have some glitter on her eyes and some eyeliner I’m gonna do eyeliner after I apply my eyeshadow are you ready guys to do something beautiful I am applying this shade but not much because we will also use another shade we will mix them in one color I just want to make it gradient so that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you will like this video and you will like my makeup style my today’s makeup style what do you guys think like I really like my today’s image I will like these details and thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

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