Lookbook | 6 Ways to Make Fall Outfits Winter Appropriate

Lookbook | 6 Ways to Make Fall Outfits Winter Appropriate

hi guys my name is Jamie and welcome to my channel so fall is quickly transitioning to winter and all our beautiful fall pieces are going to the dry cleaners and then into our closets I want to show you guys today three looks and six ways to make sure winter isn’t a buzzkill so the first outfit is a good summary of the outer pieces that I wear a blazer and a leather jacket because I can’t just wear a blazer or a leather jacket in the winter I added a coat the coat on blazer look is one that I loved for a number of reasons first it’s business appropriate second it’s utilizing fall pieces like Blazers and you can switch up the blazer with a leather jacket or a cardigan and third by layering up different textures and patterns you really really up your fashion game now in the fall version of my look I wore my classic converse but I don’t think this is a good idea in the winter because your feet really do look freezing these sneakers are my recent purchase and my current favorites there are fuzzy and cute little buddies they’re also full first so there’s no guilt in wearing this the second look is a tamer option but I wanted to show you guys a page out of my London life this fashionable jacket is very good at blocking out winds and waters so I wanted to make the best use out of this jacket then now I have to focus on just keeping the heat inside and insulating my body with warmer layers so back to being trendy during the winter a boy look classic turtleneck looks so much more American vintage and sexy with a top that has a long horizontal neckline it sets itself apart from all the boring round necks that we see and the fourth trick is my favorites it’s one that makes my Gucci loafers look a little more winter friendly I am wore black socks to make the loafer seem like a soft boot it not only makes me look less cold but it’s an illusion where I utilize these expensive shoes so that I can wear them for a longer period of time the third look is my favorite the fall version as well as the winter version the fall look makes me look like a little punk high-school student I think it’s because of the leather jacket with the plate skirt I was recently gifted this palace fanny pack and it’s a splash of color and fun on an otherwise studious and preppy look when I put on the Hat and made this outfit more winter appropriate the beret and skirt become a match made in heaven because of the preppy vibes it gives there is little to say about this hat except that it’s very cute for a winter the material is 100% wool and it’s so soft and that a warm head is a warm body and finally the steady bear coat transitions the whole mood of this outfit a skirt is so cooled in the winter especially if it’s this kind of short miniskirt the steady bear coat covers my legs and blocks out all the cold and wind I really love a contrast between my short short skirt and the teddy bear coat that goes all the way to my boots so these are my three looks and yes they are a little bit obvious but some black socks a grey bar a can really go a long way so thank you for watching and I’ll see you guys in my next one bye

It’s so sad to have to admit that it’s officially winter! It’s such a shame to have to put our fall items into out closets, so I think we should think of ways to utilize our fall pieces, while still staying warm. Here are three outfits, and 6 ways to stay warm 🙂

Look 1
Benetton Knit: basic wool knit London Oxford Circus store (2016)
DEWL coat: basic navy wool coat from Outlet (2017)
PLAC coated jeans: http://www.plac-official.com/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=4100&category=008002005
Converse black sneakers (you know you can find them anywhere)
Vans slip ons:

Look 2
Barbour jacket:
American Apparel Turtleneck: (Their updated design)
& Other stories knit:
Uniqlo Belt (The same design is no longer available)
American Eagle Jeans:
Imvely Socks:
Gucci loafers:

Look 3
Maje Leather Jacket: (the same item is no longer available)
I purchased mine this year Spring (march 2018)
Muji knit:
Palace shot 2 bag (sold out)
Teddy bear coat: CC collect this season’s (FW 2018), (not sold online)
Beret: Bought at the Anthrologie store in Leicester Square in London (2016)
Doc Martens: 1460 smooth