Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas!

Are you looking to impress with your Halloween makeup but you don’t want to have big bucks that you have to spend well it turns out you can get some of those spooky looks using things that you already have in your kitchen here to show us how is our fabulous makeup artist and friend the one and only Calvin Meyers hi I’m so glad you’re doing this because when it comes to Halloween costumes and makeup you can’t spend a fortune but you are here to show us that we don’t have to listen Halloween is supposed to be all about fun and it’s supposed to be stress-free yes and creative which is what you’ve done be creative and so sometimes when you get that last-minute invite and you’re like I don’t want to spend a bunch of money and I don’t have a lot of time go to your kitchen awesome so we have lovely crispy okay so what we did we just went in the kitchen right to the kitchen and we decided to make this look out of coffee and bacon powder so we we basted him first with just some baking powder here okay okay we took just a sponge a cleaning sponge petted it all over his face okay all right and so then we started out with coffee beans and coffee grinds so we took the Cairo syrup oh yes all right tapping it around his eye and under the eye onto the lips and that is acting as your adhesive yes to make it stay absolutely so then we stick each one one by one this is great you are scaring me I love that the coffee beans look like welts yes oh yeah yeah this is so clever and creative yes yes and and scary Terry look and scary yes yes then you would just take either the bean so all right but you know a little goes a long way a little bit alone God yeah where you can even do how did you decide to do just the lips and the eyes just kind of won’t have fun with it yeah you want a focal point so therefore what I wanted to do is made that the focal point and then these see he’s a hungry zombie okay and so these are the accents so it gives you texture so this looks really good guys and there’s absolutely no real makeup that’s right things from the cabinet all done and probably you would spend whatever it under five dollars if that and tasty too and taste I need more caffeination okay what is this this is so cute so this is our good time kool-aid girl so we just wanted to be really fun every costume doesn’t have to be scary and all of that so we just want it to be really fun and we took kool-aid packets and we added the karo syrup to the kool-aid packets as well it changes the color and it makes it a liquid and we took just a basting brush such as this one when you base your turkey we go in two colors here and we just swipe across the face she looks beautiful all across the decollete and the neck okay all right so after you do that we take just here a straw so our straw is usually in the cabinet and so we took the bottom of the straw we went inside each color and we tapped it and again create texture all over the face now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do another little trick took the cherry kool-aid which is very rare right okay we mixed it with the karo syrup and we’re gonna make blush so she has a bloody list yeah but she still looks gorgeous so that that’s what I like I like the costumes that are inventive but I’m like okay still look cute that is beautiful and the Cairo syrup is really good for this because it gives you the liquid without it moving so much right it kind of stays in place and after it’s been on for a while it starts to get a little bit formed and hard yeah so you don’t have to worry about speaking of that let’s talk about how that does look like blood how long did it take to do each one listen 15 minutes for her in 20 minutes for him that’s unbelievable just be quick ready quick ready to go and it’s fun and you just put on some black or you put on some soiled clothes and and then and then when it actually comes to taking it off again just good soap and water so taking it off you’re gonna do makeup white why don’t probably first you do a little bit of oil you could be coconut oil it could be grapeseed oil and really working into the skin take a towel wipe it off wipe it off and then wash your face with your regular cleanser yes so literally three minutes yeah and a lot of things too sometimes we talked about in Prior shows on Halloween that the makeup we we were never really sure what what’s really in you know the costume makeup so especially for our little ones just trust things you have at home have fun with it and get creative as Calvin did a great job guys these are happy zombie now for more great makeup tips and trends please follow Calvin on Instagram and I am Calvin Myers or visit his website Calvin Meyers dot great job yeah

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