/Karl Lagerfeld: The Past, The Present and The Future..
Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld: The Past, The Present and The Future..

Karl Lagerfeld: The Past, The Present and The Future..

And you surround yourself with people that you trust. Oh yeah, no no, oh yes. Even my servants. They are spoiled like family. They get apartments, houses, cars and everything. You know they do more for me than anybody else. Except sketching I know how to do anything. I’m totally stupid. I don’t know how to cook. I don’t know how clean, I don’t know- I don’t know nothing. My mother always said you have to learn nothing because then you have to make an effort to have always enough money that somebody is doing it for you. That was how I was brought up. Really? But you achieved it, Karl. Could you imagine at that age when your mother was telling you that, could you think you could achieve all this? Yes, in a way yes. But I remember as a child one day I sat in this special room in this country house. And I said to myself, ridiculous, I think I would become a legend.

I was perhaps eight. I saw myself like a kind of fairy tale. I mean, what’s better in fact more an horror story. But it’s very strange but I remember the moment. But, after that I never thought about it again. In your mind is that what you were working towards, Karl, or were you- Yes, sometimes – but not all the time. I was enjoying what I was doing. And I was very lucky you know. My parents gave me tons of money and cars and everything. I mean, I had a very spoiled youth because in the fashion people didn’t make fortunes, it’s not like today. What’s so interesting Karl is that you say your parents spoiled you. You had everything in your childhood. But yet you had this work ethic you know to work so hard and achieve. Yes, lots of class but working class. Because normally people that can be spoiled, they don’t want to work hard, but you never stop.

It’s very bad to be spoiled if you’re not ready to be spoiled. And I think I would have not be spoiled if I had not the possibility to do something, to be ambitious enough not to fall in the easy trap of the 60s. No never. I was never tempted. I was always an outsider. No alcohol, no drugs, no nothing nothing. Not because I’m against it, I just don’t like it. I know you don’t like the word Karl but marketing you know how does that- But I do marketing without doing marketing you know? I never make meetings. We sit in the studio and discuss a little with the president and the studio head and that is all. The rest can do what they want. But they do the right thing anyway. But revamping these brands and I’m thinking about the business side of things. Do you get involved in them. Their business not mine. I work for a flat fees. So if they made a mistake it’s their fault, it’s not mine. But they don’t, they pretty well. They’re great. The people here are great and the people at Chanel are great.

So I’m lucky. When I see how much it turns in other houses and changes. Most of the people I work with have never worked for somebody else. So I mustn’t be that horrible. And do you ever think about your legacy? No. What for? I will not be around for that so who cares? But you have given and still give so much to the industry. So long that I don’t repeat myself that it’s okay. You know, I laugh about myself. I am my best cartoon. Still watching? Perfect. Click here to watch another great video from CNBC International. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching. .

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