Popular INSTAGRAM Beauty Trends To Try

Popular INSTAGRAM Beauty Trends To Try

Popular INSTAGRAM Beauty Trends To Try

Hey guys, today we are going to be filming weird Instagram beauty trends(5 of them).. this is going to be very interesting, some are really strange trends out there that we have watched little videos and tutorials and we are going to attempt to try some of them. Attempt. Some of them are actually really cool. Yeah. But some of them are also a little weird. A little strange We will see.. But before we get on the video you guys be sure to check out our video next week it’s going to be our very first official collab with our sister Kamri because We haven’t done that so..

Its weird because I feel like we have but we haven’t.. So next week we are going to be doing a really awesome challenge with her So you guys be sure to stay tuned and check that out. Now Let’s get on the video. Oh, no, oh The first beauty trends we are trying is called Faux freckles and I’ve seen on Instagram and real life some of our friends like trying to put like fake freckles on with makeup or or these tattoo things and so we got faux freckle tattoos and I will be applying them on Bailey today so we will see what Bailey will look like with freckles.

So I removed the makeup in this area of my face So that we can apply directly because I see especially you Don’t open if we can get it to open oh my goodness there we go, okay, okay, maybe Got it. Ooh there is like a stencil on the back to like apply it. Yeah over okay. I’m gonna cut that out Got it. I got it Oh. Press freckles firmly onto clean dry skin. Wow this is stressful. Down this is look at what a little the nose strip fold wet cloth against freckles okay? Oh crap Hopefully, I like to do this come off perfectly , we are dabbing away. Oh, no I feel like it looks like I just someone dumped pepper on my face I feel like it needs to be like Right here. They’re good. Wish to do like two more and then you can see with it So obviously I obviously do not have freckles looks like how people make them with the natural okay? I’m going to do more on the other side.

We are clear in this spot Did you over lap them cause its gonna be like really spotty So you can see the shape of the sticker like on my face Okay, we have one more side to go and then we’ll be done with the freckles and we’ll see what they look like All right, oh It just looks like black dots on your face like I feel like they should be lighter I mean like I think it would’ve been cute it would be cute if I had like less Freckles and were more spread out and less like dark and super close together Well, there ya go That is the Faux freckle beauty trend It’s kind of work sort of I don’t know how it works I would never like wear this out, but they might look good on something Yeah, it would probably look good on some other people I guess I look like a freckle girl Alright,so since we did my cheeks with freckles We are going to do her cheeks And we’re going to be doing the instagram glitter cheeks like you guys have seen them at tons of Pictures also place in like those really like Trend cool pictures with like glitter on their cheeks and like around the eyes and all that kind of stuff So we are going to be doing that with confetti Which is actually what people use you like these pieces of like gold and silver that look like confetti Which we just found a craft store so, so that’s what we’re gonna do and I’m just gonna go ahead and try and we’re gonna use a glue stick Don’t feel like there is a much better method than this Go and move just stick the sparkles on with glue One by one some little flakes on there some big flakes on there On there – yeah some kind of like spread them out Okay, this is so far looking alright my cheeks feel like I can’t smile because their like glued on Is it working better gluing the glitter or the face? I think it worked better gluing the face honestly So far so good yall this is actually turning out pretty good Okay We’re going to call that good So here’s one eye of the glitter.

I think that looks pretty good to me Now we’re gonna do the other eye. Now we gotta do the other eye So let’s do the other eye Okay, there you go Glitter cheeks are finished and the glue stick is non-toxic for anybody who’s wondering you can put it on your face It looks kind of like a fierce look kinda like a warrior Yeah, I would wear this on like the red carpet, Heck I would wear this! Oh, I like this beauty trend this is like a good one it would work Every day. Every day? Every day I would wear it like every day The next makeup trend that we are going to try or the beauty trend on Instagram is The feathered eyebrow which I think personally is hideous, but it is a trend So we are trying it on Brooklyn and the easiest way for us to do this is for her to lay down so that’s how it’s going to be done and, Hey Guys! the tools I’m using a spool a separator, a color eyebrow pencil and then some gel so first things first I’m going to take my spoolie for the eyebrow and just Cover it in gel and then just rub it all into her eyebrow So we get it all gelled up.

Ew his feels Disgusting so now that we’ve combed it up and Kinda separated those we are going to part it like a pump part, but for your eyebrow So we’re going to try and part your eyebrow here. Let’s start here So when we first tried this like originally. We were really surprised like how well it worked on her brow because she has pretty thin brows on the bottom But it actually works pretty well and of course if you like have some weird spots But like don’t have any eyebrow hairs that’s what we’ll go through and fix once we’re done with the pencil So this is interesting. How’s it looking? It’s happening All right, so it’s looking You know like a feather so we are going to go through and fill in the spots that don’t have any like hairs with this and I am Not ever going to claim that I am a good makeup artist when it comes to like detail things like this So I’m gonna try my best to draw in hairs, and you’ll see how it goes All right, so we switch the colors up to make sure that it matched her brow, and now I’m just going to finish up okay, so now that I filled it in and I have done everything in my power to make it look much like a feather as possible It is still hideous What? I Think we managed to pull it off.

Okay, sit up and show them the final deal I would never in a million years wear this. I don’t know what it looks like but I’ve seen pictures on instagram. and they don’t Look quick human. I still think its hideous and I do not understand the whole Fiasco Behind it nor. I’m not like an artist. I probably didn’t do it amazing, but I just can not The feather can fly away because I would never wear this ever But the beauty trend oddly enough, so there you go! Go figure! Okay, so the next trend. I’m actually excited to try is colored Mascara! Ive seen this all over the place like models, especially like really like Neon eyeliner and like Neon Mascara so were trying Mascara We pretty much figured out that these would look better for dark skin and these are better for like pale skin So we’re going to try these colors mine is purple Yes, and mine is like a blue when we tried it originally it We did it without any Mascara on and it had nothing to like hold on to so the color didn’t show up as well so we are now going to do it with a little Mascara on so We’re just going to go ahead and you can see the colors These are really vibrant colors this is gonna be sooo Put it on, oh its definitely colored Let’s see what the lighter color looks like, woah really light at the top and like darker at the bottom its like ombre Weird, let me see Y’all this is so cool.

Wait. I want to try a pink will pink work. Let’s see on my other eye. Okay. I officially have whoa Green Blue and pink on my lashes. This is just strange I think its cool. I feel like we both look a little crazy right now because we both have I have the fake freckles Shes got the Mascara on I like the blue mascara looks crazy I like the blue I think the blue is my favorite look at me, you look so weird this is cool I Like it is not on So the beauty trend we try now and is the drippy lip lipstick touch thing that it’s all all over instagram right now all over So I’m using like Mac pigment which they have all sorts of colors But this is Rose gold, and then we’re using the lip gloss lip gloss Which is like a super jelly kind of it because it seems like Jelly a little bit but super thick so when you put it on it looks like thick on your lips and it creates that drip that everybody on Instgram Yeah, its like honey its like oozing over right now So I have mixed my pigment and my lipstick, and I’m just going to go ahead and start applying on Bailey here We’re just finishing up the base coat here.

I’m just smoothing it out a little bit Okay, I think as good as I can get it now we just are going to add more of the lip gloss to be already mixed product over here and Then we’re going to put on in super thick Manner so that it’s like almost dripping. I’m ready to own this drippy lip its gonna drip all over When you do if you want to get as much of the lipstick as you can on Because you want it to be Super thick. Oh my Gosh. This feels weird… And then you just kind of like smear it around To start and then when you’re done kind of thickening all of it You want to add a drip to Your bottom which I will do when I’m finished with the top lip Okay, ready for the final drip This one didn’t turn out as good Okay so the pigment and the gloss themself like just a layer of it was really pretty soon as the drip that got complicated cause everything sort of started Sinking and it got all over here Soo Would probably just use as like a normal lip gloss lipstick and not so much like a drizzle lip like I think I wouldn’t be wouldn’t be Able to wear it.

And it’s not realistic to wear lt out because it like drips every 5 seconds and its in my teeth and my mouth I’m like swallowing it you can see how its on my teeth. It’s like dripping over my face. You can’t talk with it all I was not realistic like be like like half of this beauty trend. Oh yeah, yeah Thank you guys so much for watching. I think that like most of these beauty trends work But they’re not something we use every day yeah, I don’t know and not know definitely like a lot on your air I don’t think I would wear to most of these yeah, you guys wanna subscribe our channel Make sure to go to button right here, and if you haven’t seen a last weeks video Which was a collab with andy Leblanc and have little sister click the box right there and if you guys want to watch more of our videos click the box right below that be sure to stay tuned for our video next week With Kamri our first Collab, we’ll see you then.

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