How to Be Grunge // Aesthetic Style #1

How to Be Grunge // Aesthetic Style #1

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This video is all about becoming Grunge and following the Grunge Aesthetic Style. This aesthetic is pretty much all over the internet at the moment! It is popular on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube! Grunge is originally a style, which started in the 90’s. A lot of the time people associate Grunge Aesthetic/Style with Nirvana, Fishnets, Doc Martens, Flannels, Hair Dye, Chains and Piercings.

Here are some stylish tips to being Grunge:
– Get Piercings (you might look like an e-boy tho)
– Wear plaid clothing
– Be into Old school rock bands that you can get on a tee
– Wear Converse with something written on them
– Fishnets!

The Grunge Aesthetic is filled with the coolest outfits!
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