Get Glow In The Dark Hair!

Get Glow In The Dark Hair!

Today we’re getting neon hair. It’s gonna be something. (pop music) So, I started dying my hair crazy colors two years ago. I started with a vibrant blue, and then I went to a vibrant purple. And it was the whole head, but now it’s like sort of grown out so this is what’s left of it. – Pastel pink and then pastel purple. Definitely a funky hair color kind of gal. I’m super excited to get color back in my hair, and I’m excited to see what it looks like super bright. – To be honest, I am a little nervous about it looking kind of crazy with what I normally wear but also whatever. (hip hop music) – Today we doing highlighter hair on our beautiful models, Maggie and Emily. (hip hop music) ♪ Do it again ♪ ♪ Break ♪ (hip hop music) (pop music) – Wow like it’s just it’s so good. It’s so perfect. (pop music) People are gonna freak out. They’re gonna lose their minds. – Oh my God. I love it. I always wanted to look like the eggplant emoji.

(laughs) (pop music) Thank you so much. This is amazing. (hip hop music) – And yeah, it’s crazy. It’s crazy. People keep staring at me, and I forget why. And then I remember that I have a giant ass rainbow on my head. – I think it’s awesome. I think it really adds something to my look. – I feel like my friends are gonna freak out. My hope is that they love it, and that it’s not like too crazy or out of the box. Like I hope they think it fits me as a human. – I haven’t shown my co-workers yet, but I’m really excited to. I feel like they’re gonna freak out. Just it’s such a drastic transformation, and I feel like I need a change my outlook on life to match it.

– I have fun crap all over my head, and I love it. – Holy fuck. – Isn’t it wild? – It’s so cool. – Oh my God. I literally want to like dive into the blue part. – Right? – It looks like the ocean. – It’s like an ocean. – Do you have a different color of hair, Maggie? – Yeah. – I like it. – Thank you. – I couldn’t tell if it was the lighting up here ’cause it’s like I don’t know. It’s almost like iridescent. – I like the colors a lot ’cause it’s like a cool like 90s retro like Ninja Turtle kind of vibe. – If you’re thinking of getting crazy colors on your head, just do it. Just do it. – So as you may have noticed, Boldy is now As/Is. – But don’t worry, you’ll still get all the awesome content you’re used to but just even more, new great stuff.

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