Glam Ghost Ghoulish Halloween Makeup Tutorial

It’s the most wonderful time it’s Halloween season it’s finally October I am ready I am doing 31 days of Halloween again so much so that I did not do my normal intro hello welcome back to my channel if you don’t know me I am Cailyn I go by Sassy Casy on this channel and this year I’m doing 31 looks for every day in October so when you’re watching your it’s not ABC family anymore you’re a free form movie marathon like I will be check out my looks in between commercials I will be chillin watching the videos and you can tell me if you’re watching the movies yourselves so getting back on track 31 looks 31 days of Halloween all throughout October I am ready to rock this look is my glam ghost there are some beautiful nails that go with it that I don’t have on because they all popped off when I tried to film this look at the first time but they will be on my Instagram which we linked down below I think that’s everything intro wise let’s get started if you have any questions about this video leave them down below now on to Pascal in doing this look ok so the very first things we are going to do is prime our skin I’m using the Ulta flawless prime and this is like a green primer it’s like if you mixed a correcting primer and professional together and it’s really really nice it makes your skin super smooth so we’re gonna rub this all in and fill it in so yes as you could totally the intro I am very excited to be back doing 31 days of Halloween this is a really good time of year for growth for me this is a really good time of year for I’ve been growth really anybody in makeup who does this kind of stuff I do feel like there’s a bit of quality difference from last year to this year I’m just gonna do the LA girl Pro conceal light peach conceal correct or whatever underneath my eyes but yeah I feel like I am improving at least and how I’m editing videos and obviously my backdrop I had this new backdrop what you guys have probably seen if you watch my like pre Halloween videos I’ve been using this haunted house one which I got on Amazon and I really like it it’s really cute I like my pumpkin eating a pumpkin over here and I have this giant one on the side here now I’m going to go into my base I’m going to use the conceal and defined foundation from makeup revolution and a little bit of the schnauzer white face paint and I’ll show you how I mix them together here yeah I have a lot of ideas that have been sitting with me for quite some time and I’m finally getting around to those I did want to make a lot more like little mini movies but I think I’m gonna save that for like a series that I’m going to do later down the road about some different stuff and focus on doing like some creative look to mix the foundation in the base paint I just go into the face paint with the back of a makeup brush and kind of do the same thing I just did but just with the face paint kind of just putting it all over in different areas where they can kind of get blended and mixed together once we start blending it all out okay so we have this base down and currently it is a wee bit sticky so I am going to use some of this NYX HD photo genic powder just because I don’t want that face paint to crease up which it very much can and do the eyebrows I want them to be very intense and black so I am going to take this little liner brush I have here some Nicks gel eyeliner and we’re just gonna create some nice scary fierce looking eyebrows again you don’t have to do black you can do white you can do gray for what I’m doing I just think black is gonna be like my best bet here and plus I have the black wig on and now we have these black eyebrows on I am going to actually contour my face just because it’s such a big part of this look I don’t want to kind of skip over it at the end so we’re gonna do that next I’m gonna take my MUA brush it is just a little contour brush I’m going into my Z palette if you watch my channel before you’ve probably seen me do this I’m you’ll see me do this later in the month as well and I am going into bedrock right here which is a makeup geek shadow and I’m just picking up a lot of product because this is what we’re gonna use to contour with I like using grey rather than black because it looks um a little bit more natural and I think a little bit more like a spirit so that’s what we’re gonna do so I start right about the middle of my ear and bring it down way further than I normally would like down to my chin and then we use blend in circles how much of a difference there is from this side to this side now I’m gonna take some of that same color still on this brush we’re gonna go in the temples the nice part is is I do have the leg pulled back like this is my hairline the wig hair lines back here so I can get in these temples and then once I’m done contouring I’ll just pull the wig down a bit so it will actually disappear back into the hairline these are right where I’m calling this is like where the divots are in your temple the next step I’m going to highlight with the jeffree star ice cold highlighter and I’m just using a highlighting brush like this so I can just tap it on the high points because obviously we won’t be using blush so I’m just gonna highlight let’s bring everything forward a little bit more and keep the sunken in part sunken in but the other parts really defined this way well this is a white highlighter so it’s gonna look kind of ghastly and some in some lights so I primed my eyes and I’m going into my lorac mega Pro 3 palette and we are gonna go into the color dark navy it’s right up here and it is just any dark navy blue as the name suggests and this is on a fluffy brush this is a morphe m4 12 and this is just gonna be our like crease color here so I’m going in I’m not being like real precise with it but this is just gonna sink those eye-sockets right into the back your head this color I have found works better than black for these type of looks especially because I’m doing like a glam go okay so now let’s blend it out you can probably see like it kind of looks great it kind of looks black but it’s dark navy and I think it looks really cool especially because I have green eyes like the dark navy brings them out way more and just gives you more depth and dimension than just black I am going into this little quad that I have here and I’m going into this blue color and we’re gonna pack this on the eyelid this is gonna be like our this is where we get glam this is where we go from scary to glam now if you really want like a classic scary ghost whoa where’s fun in that you can still do the blue and for the lid color I would just say like red black dark gray you know all of that type of stuff this eyeshadow is very shimmery so it’s gonna bring out that navy blue you could probably see the difference that this looks more blue and this looks more gray colors snow here I’m just a flat little packing brush I’m just kind of carving out underneath that eyebrow bone I didn’t do like a full-on you know like highlight and blend I’m just kind of tapping so that comes down and blends but that’s really it so for the eyeliner I am going in with the NYX matte black liquid liner there is no better eyeliner in my opinion for mascara I’m using BADgal bang from benefit you 122’s from ardell and they’re the whispies I believe these might be a natural just cuz I feel like we don’t look we don’t look scary and ghostly enough we just look like with our real fierce contour going on underneath alright so now I feel like my skin like the camera has adjusted and not my skin tone doesn’t look as white as before but I promise it is I am gonna finish this off I’m gonna pull this down a bit pull it forward fluff it out like I’m a ghost from like the 80s or something before I put my lips on just this costume is an old dance costume I had which I have like these little feathers and like this kind of tattered edge on the bottom and I thought it was cute so that’s what we’re going with for the lips I am using NYX Oh put it on which is like a deep almost black and purple so great you guys said this is the end of our glam ghost ghoulish look this is the first look of 31 days of Halloween so make sure you subscribe so you see 31 looks and if you want to see more looks from me check out my Halloween makeup playlist which I will link down below and on a card here in the video and at the end you’ll have all kinds of ways to find it if you have any looks that you want to see me do that I haven’t done yet please leave them down below and I will either get to them this year if one look doesn’t end up working out or I will put on my list for next year and do it then or I will do it in November because Halloween is 365 days a year in this house so I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure you check out my Instagram as well for more details on the costume and look overall and I will see you in the next one

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