Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Perfect Winged Eyeliner(10 Tricks)

hi guys welcome back to my channel.. today my video for you is ten tricks on how to achieve the perfect winged liner every time no files no tears and no stress I know that…

Makeup Trends 2019

Makeup Trends 2019

Curious to know more about the makeup trends you'll be seeing, and maybe using for yourself in 2019? Well, you've come to the right place. Here are the trends to watch out for that experts…

Fake Freckles

DIY Fake Freckles(Instagram Beauty Hack)

DIY Fake Freckles(Instagram Beauty Hack) *music* Hey guys! It's me.. welcome!! Today's video is going to be testing another weird beauty product, slash, like Instagram beauty hack, you know(cause like I found it on Instagram)..…