Casual Fall Outfits 2019 | Fashion Lookbook 2019

Casual Fall Outfits 2019 | Fashion Lookbook 2019

What would I miss the most about summer? It won’t be the heat or the overcrowded festivals, for sure. Honestly, I’d probably miss wearing skirts now that fall is here. And when you love something enough ideas pop up in the most unexpected ways. This is how I style my favorite skirts in Fall. A-line skirts have this subtle and gracious movement that makes you feel like a princess. and I don’t like that so I combine it with an oversized jacket and knee-high boots to balance it out. And voila! My favorite kind of look that says “I know I’m cute but also badass”. So… Be careful! Pencil skirts can be limiting, that’s why I love a front split so I can move like a human being. Also adding knee-high boots, a light coat, and a beret will give me the layers and coolness that I need to ignore the people who try to talk to me while I’m reading.

This looks says: DO NOT DISTURB! Mini skirts are my favorite and I’m not giving up on them in fall. I just need to cover the rest of my body and an oversized turtleneck sweater and knee-high socks are my best allies. Also, some people are scared of wearing sandals with socks… I’m not one of those. This outfit shows how resourceful I am. Who said you can’t wear colorful floral skirts in fall? Obviously, I don’t listen to anybody, because I also love mixing patterns. Yeah! stripes and flowers are like those couples that don’t make sense at the beginning but then they get along pretty well. The trick is finding a common interest, in this case, the same palette. This outfit screams that I love breaking the rules. Such a rebel!!! In fashion, contrast is my favorite thing.

If my skirt is a little too cute, then the rest of my outfit has to have an edge. To give it a touch of identity my t-shirt has a map of my country. It’s a conversation starter… And also a way to know who’s good at geography and who’s not. This outfit represents my personality: all over the place. All we need is a starting point. After that ideas flow by themselves! The only problem you’ll have will be picking up just one outfit. If you liked the video please hit the button and don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram! I’m @maiahocando anywhere, pretty simple! Besitos!

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I played with 5 ways to adjust my summer wardrobe favorites to the fall season. I mixed skirts, boots, hats, sweaters, jackets and everything I love from this season. Let me know your favorite look in the comments below – Written, shot and edited by myself! – Subtitles in English and Spanish 🙂

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