/Spring Carrot Soufflé Recipe
Carrot Souffle

Spring Carrot Soufflé Recipe

Carrot Soufflé in a white casserole dishThis Spring Carrot Soufflé Recipe is a fluffy carrot casserole made super quick and easy in the blender, there’s no whipping or folding egg whites involved.  It makes the perfect pairing for an Easter ham or just about any spring meal. While this soufflé isn’t the traditional rush it to the table before it falls type of French soufflé, it’s still light and fluffy, and full of sweet carrot flavor that just about everybody will love. How is this carrot soufflé different from a traditional French soufflé? A classic French soufflé is made with egg whites that are beaten until stiff, and then folded into the base of the recipe.  When it bakes the egg whites help it to rise nice and tall.  A soufflé made this way will sometimes fall after it comes out of the oven as it starts to cool, so cooks will rush it to the table while it’s still impressively high. This ‘soufflé’ is so named because it has a similar fluffy texture, and is made with lots of eggs.  But in this case they are beaten into the dish whole.  It does puff up a bit as it bakes, and also sinks down a bit […]

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