How To Get The Perfect Christmas Makeup Look For Parties

How To Get The Perfect Christmas Makeup Look For Parties

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Fleur de Force and Beauty Recommended have come together again to answer yet another one of Britain’s Biggest #BeautyQs…This week, follow Fleur’s step by step guide and learn how to create and get a glamourous look which is a perfect Christmas makeup look for parties. Today’s makeup tutorial is perfect for any party you have this festive season!

Find the products that Fleur has recommended for her party look:
Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless Foundation
Max Factor Excess Intensity Eyeliner
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Step 1: Start with your foundation to give your skin a natural, semi-matte finish. Fleur uses Facefinity All Day Flawless Foundation from Max Factor, which has 3-in-1 formula consisting of primer, concealer and foundation.
Step 2: Use a concealer as an extra cover up on any problem areas. Here Fleur is using her Chanel concealer in shade 20, which she applies to any redness, blemishes on her face and around her eyes. Fleur blends this in with her fingers.
Step 3: Set the foundation and concealer in place with a powder.
Step 4: For blusher, Fleur uses Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Pink, which is a perfect size for fitting in your makeup bag or handbag. This can be blended with a brush or your fingers; Fleur uses a brush.
Step 5: For the eyeshadow Fleur uses a range of Mac colours. Firstly apply shade Orb as a base colour all over your eyelid and onto the brow bone as a highlight. Then apply All That Glitter shadow onto your eyelid. Next use the shades Sable and Twinks mixed together. Apply these to the outer corners of the eye and the crease, blending them out using a big fluffy brush. This creates a soft, slightly contoured look.
Step 6: Max Factor Excess Intensity Eyeliner, in Excessive Gold. Apply this to the inner corner of your eye and underneath the waterline, using a pencil brush to blend in further. Then apply onto the waterline to add some light and shimmer.
Step 6: Use the same Max Factor Excess Intensity Eyeliner but this time in Excessive Charcoal and apply a little along the upper lash line to add thickness and depth to the lashes. As before, use the pencil brush to blend it in.
Step 7: Curl your eyelashes and then apply Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara, to give volume and length.
Step 8: To finish off your Christmas party makeup look, add a dark shade of lipstick such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Lipstick.

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