A Day in the Life of a Celebrity Party Planner

My name is Miata David Johnson I’m founder and CEO of MTD a hi my name is masa David I am co-founder of MBD Inc NBC Inc is a creative agency we’ve done a lot of pre awards dinners or awards events album release events one of the experiences most recently that people are familiar with us from is the Wyoming listing event that we did for Kanye West I’m a Liberian immigrant and my father was the mayor of Monrovia so we actually left Liberia after the coup our parents really it was what they instilled in us at you know when we moved to the states and just in general that I think really helped to determine our work ethic and the kind of company that we would eventually form I watched my father kind of build his self from the ground up he went from being the mayor to basically selling shoes just to support the family and he eventually opened his own business and I saw early on what it means to be an entrepreneur and you really stand out in this industry because it is male-dominated you don’t find a lot of female event producers and just a lot of females in positions of power in our business so it’s been always extremely challenging because you’re constantly showing and proving why you belong in the room I think for two women not just two women but also siblings and african-american women we make it a point to hire other women it’s rare to see that especially in this industry in just in Hollywood in general one of definitely our funniest craziest moments I would say in events is we did an event in New York not too long ago he was brand new but people were excited about him we did it at an art gallery and basically the whole vibe of the album was anarchy so you know the artist wanted to have a vibe that would be fun and easy and his friends can really just have a good time but we maybe I would say maybe a six hours prior to doors opening we found out that somebody actually posted the invite on Twitter and Instagram to their millions of followers so we basically had all of New York outside and we start texting the label and everyone and turns out one of his friends the invite and next thing you know our door was just bombarded we had to basically scramble make sure that we got more security let the city know so that we wouldn’t get shut down it was definitely me and my sister was actually on the ground in New York and I was in LA so I was doing this remotely it got to the point where I had to get behind the bar and start serving drinks like it was that crazy even started it was absolutely insane it was chaotic it was like an old-school Lower East Side party you know got everyone in everyone’s having an amazing time people are drinking they’re vibing and the next thing you know the music turns off and I’m running over to the DJ booth like why are you turning the music off what’s going on at this point he’s definitely tipsy he’s he’s gone he’s on cloud nine but he’s pissed because he thinks someone stole his cell phone I remember reliving it on social media cuz I wasn’t there so I’m just looking at the ceiling watching how he lost his phone at the venue and made everybody turn the music off he gets on the mic and he starts cursing I know one of you did it and no more party everyone believe everyone’s laughing and ignoring him and just pulling out their phones to report it he tells someone next to him like call my phone so they call his cell phone and literally there was probably about 500 people there and we all got quiet so he was like listening out for the phone he calls it we hear it and he calls it again at this point everyone in the party is searching trying to find his phone turns out he forgot that he left it at the DJ booth under the DJ’s backpack so he finds it he put me throws it in the air everyone loses their mind screaming the music comes back on I mean it was just it was insane it was probably one of my favorite events the artist he still talks about it he actually put it in one of his songs what I learned is watch over my client social media because you sometimes may get surprised as to seeing your event posted on their social media before their learning starts I think that event really taught me that regardless of how much you prepare and plan and think ahead you just have to be ready and prepared for the unexpected hi I think that working with siblings and working with family gets a bad rap when you figure out your rhythm you have a trusted partner for life follow your own path and regardless of any industry that you go into don’t try to change and conform to what people want you to be but celebrate what makes you different

“I know one of you did it! No more party! Everyone leave!”

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