10 Summer to Fall Transition Outfits for Warm Weather

10 Summer to Fall Transition Outfits for Warm Weather

(Upbeat music) ♪ Alexasunshine83 it’s always sunny here! Boop! ♪♪ Hey sunshiners! Alexasunshine83 right here. Hello, hello! Super sunny day. Just like my sweater. What is up?! We’ve been having these like grey cold mornings before the 100 degrees hits. It’s been grand! And if you didn’t know, It’s fall! I’m ready for sweaters, cardigans, scarves, hats, fuzzy socks, boots- All of the above! Although it is still blazing hot outside. And although I say this in almost every single video- I live in Southern California, where it stays hot basically forever. And I’m not ready to wait until like February. Until it gets kind of cold. I wanna enjoy fall like all the other basic girls getting their PSL’s. Which, sidenote, I’ve never had a pumpkin spiced latte. So I figured if you’re like me ♪ and ya live somewhere hot ♪ I want to show you guys some summer to fall transition outfits. Basically I wanna show you how you can take summer items and ‘fall-a-fie’ them? Without overheating? I’m actually like sweating right now in this sweater. Maybe not a great idea? Although I am wearing short overalls. Grab your favorite Bath and Body fall leaves candle and let’s get cozy.

The first item is tank tops. Now, tank tops are my favorite because personally I tan really easily. So, if I’m wearing a t-shirt and I go outside, I’m tellin’ ya I will get a farmer’s tan within five minutes! So one tip, if it’s still quite blazing and you literally can only wear a tank top, is find a tank top that’s a fall color. In this case I’m wearing this taupe tank top. I really like this one. I thrifted it in Sunday’s video and ya’ll seemed to love it as well.

I think it gives more of a sophisticated look. And also with this tank top, I paired it with a little bit more structured pants. And I feel like putting it with jeans would’ve made it look a bit more summery. And then instead of going with boots because again it’s still quite hot, I paired it with these little like heels. They’re slight heels because personally I have flat feet and I can’t wear heels. So, these ones are the perfect height. And it’s also an open shoe, which makes the breeze goin’ on your feet. Makes them less sweaty, which is always a great thing. But if you’re wanting to go for a little bit more of a fall look, I also have this tank top, which is in a fall color.

Which I also thrifted in Sunday’s video and I totally forgot to put a try on portion. So this is what it looks like. I love this color because it’s that nice like rust orange. It just reminds me of a pumpkin! I did pair it with this green cardigan. This cardigan is quite chunky. So, depending on where you’re at, you may only be able to wear it inside. But hey! That’s okay. At least without it you are still going with the fall colors. I did end up putting pants with this.

Although you could put it with shorts if you really wanna wear the cardigan outside and get the whole fall vibe going. I paired it with these kind of checkered pants. These are very similar to the last one. They are super light, so they’re gonna be really breathable. And I feel like that even with just the tank top is still kind of a fall look. And I just matched it with some sneakers. Another way to rock a tank top is to put a long sleeve under it, which isn’t anything new. Now I am taking this lavender color, which definitely isn’t necessarily a fall color. But if you’re wanting to stay true to the summer colors that you’ve been loving, putting it with a long sleeve will make it look a little bit more fall-like.

Although I believe silk is one of the fall trends that are supposed to be pretty big. So you’re still going with that. Also it’s been a little bit chilly at night. So I think I can wear this at night because I don’t wanna be wearing a jacket and like a sweatshirt and like all that. This is a great alternative to that. So you’re able to wear your favorite tank top from summer and wear it into fall.

It is a little bit more layered, which is why the long sleeve is quite thin. You wanna find long sleeves that are nice and thin. That way if you do have to layer up, you can. Also you can then fall that long sleeve into the winter time, or whenever it actually gets cold. I did pair it with my Jadon Doc Martens ’cause they’re black, they’re chunky, and I feel like that really kind of tones down the outfit. The next item are skirts. Which in this case, I did stick with short skirts versus long skirts. Obviously you could just wear a skirt that’s a little bit longer because that will still give you some breeziness. Because I really wanted to take summer pieces, I’m taking these two short skirts.

One of them is just a blue denim, the other one is black. The blue denim I did pair with just some black leggings because I wanted to kind of break apart the different shades. Wearing it just normal with like a sweater definitely is an option and I guess that is one of the options. You could just wear a skirt with a sweater because then you’re getting a lot of breeze down there with also feeling nice and comfy up here. In this case, I just paired it with some leggings and then some boots because my leggings stop at the ankle. To kind of make it look all one, almost like you’re wearing tights. I put just some boots with it. Originally I was gonna put the skirt with just a black long sleeve but then I was like, “Wait a second! Lemme make this a little bit more fall by taking this tan and black stripe crop top.” I think a crop top with this skirt, because I have the leggings, is a great way to incorporate crop tops that are normally summery? And kind of make it into fall, especially with these colors.

Obviously a black long sleeve- Yes, that would go but… this is something a little bit extra adding to the piece. With the black skirt, it already has a little bit more of ‘grungier’ details on it, which I think makes it not necessarily a summer piece. So I did pair it with some super light tights. These ones are like the 20 Denier, which I think is like the… least amount of black shade? I don’t know how to explain it. I’m so sorry. This I really wanted to pair with it because I didn’t want to just have the skirt again. Because I think that even though it is black I wanted it to look a little bit more fall.

So putting these with it gives it a different shade of your legs that makes it a little bit darker without having you overheat with it. I did pair these with another pair of boots. These ones have a little bit of a heel. You know you’re going somewhere, especially with all the details on the skirt. You could pair it with just some sneakers. But in this case, I would probably pair it with my like low rise Doc Martens. Just because it’s still going with the black look.

And putting sneakers on it, I feel like would make it a little bit more casual and I thought with the skirt it just needed something a little bit more ba-bam in it. Instead of putting like a long sleeve or a sweater, I just paired it with one of my Harley-Davidson’s shirts, which are always my fave. But also I feel like already kinda goes with the look? And if it’s a little bit more of a hotter day, and you’re wearing all black, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be wearing a sweater. And then dresses, which something I used to hate but now I’m actually like kind of digging them? Especially this gingham style dress.

This one is just so pretty! Although it is quite thin and it’s got all the straps on it. So it’s not even necessarily like ‘school appropriate’ in most cases and it’s quite short. So, with this one I would probably pair it with this black blazer. This black blazer is quite thin and I feel like it really tones down the summer aspect of the dress. Obviously you could just put a long sleeve with it but in this case I wanted it to look a little bit more sophisticated. And this blazer doesn’t have any shoulder pads or anything. I feel like it’s the most like chill blazer I probably have ever found. I think I found this at the Goodwill Outlet, too. So, that’s even like better. This kind of brings in more of the black elements of the outfit. And then I just paired it with- Again, some black boots, which is definitely going to be a theme in this video.

Another dress that I personally love but I honestly didn’t really wear in the summer surprisingly? Is this denim dress. It’s amazing, but I just felt like I needed to add something with it, which I think is why I think it’s perfect for fall. And having some sort of like sleeve kinda breaks it up a bit. This one I would prefer putting it with a turtleneck, if a turtleneck is appropriate with the weather. First I just paired it with this black long sleeve.

Honestly you can make any outfit fall… if you just put it with some black boots! And overall dresses- which I mean I guess they’re not overalls. I guess they’re just denim dresses. Are perfect ways to layer. And again you don’t necessarily have to do like chunky layering kind of like I’m doing. You can do it with lighter layers. With shorts I think obviously they kind of fall in line with the skirts as well, where you can just put some leggings or some tights under them. I did take my lighter wash denim shorts- These one’s are my favorite shorts. And I just put this black studded belt to add a different element to the shorts. And then a sweater because obviously I had to do it. And personally you can totally wear a chunky sweater kind of in summer? And because these shorts are quite loose, I felt like I could wear an oversize sweater with it and then just kind of put it in at the waist. Now instead I could go with my red Doc Martens. If you’re wearing even all black and then you just put those with it, I think it gives a little bit more than just wearing all black outfit.

You could opt it for some black shorts, which is another way to add more darker tones to the look. And since you are wearing the shorts it’s making the outfit a little bit more breezy. So, I would usually opt in for wearing my Doc Marten Jadon’s. Those ones, they’re just so wearable. And obviously this wasn’t the most groundbreaking idea. But again if you’re like me and you really want to contribute to the fall time vibe but you don’t know how. Hopefully this showed you different ways how you can execute that in the heat. That way you can get all cozy in bed and watch Nightmare Before Christmas.

Is it a Christmas film? Is it a Halloween film? I don’t know! Obviously most of the items that I showed in this video were secondhand. So if you do like thrifting videos, thrift hauls, thrifting with me’s, make sure you hit subscribe right down below and hit that little bell to be notified every time I make a new video. And also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter @Alexasunshine83 to keep up-to-date with me during the week. I will see you guys on Sunday with a brand new Sunny Sunday video. Enjoy life. Be happy. And I love ya lots. Bye! (Upbeat jazz music) .

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